Who are we?

Established with an ambition to provide top-notch quality cement, an indispensable component for construction; Bandhan Cement has become one of the most preferred cement brands in easterner Nepal. Over the years, OPC, PSC, and PPC manufactured by Ultratech Cement Pvt. Ltd. have become a sign of highest strength, reliability, and durability. Hi-tech advanced technologies and procedures put together to formulate only the very best quality cement guarantee its highly pulverized form and exemplary standard. A series of diligent testing before deployment ensures each produce matches the top-grade standard set by Bandhan cement.

Our Vision & Mission
To be a leading brand offering A-grade cement for all construction purpose that enhances productivity and accelerates the nation’s growth Objectives: • To be synonymous to finest quality cement in the country • To earn trust and build up a reputation in the construction market • To pioneer the use of world-class technologies and processes that formulate the finest quality of cement • To supply products that consistently exceed customer expectations • To create a work environment that fosters team spirit, pride in their work, desire to learn and progress towards a single goal of producing the best quality cement • To be considerate of our environment ensuring eco-friendly and sustainable activities that don’t affect the surrounding ecosystem.

OPC Cement: Bandhan OPC Cement, formulated with a precise mix of 17% clinker and 3% gypsum ensures the finest quality and uniformity. It is generally used for making concrete and for construction that has to be set in lesser time. The best of raw materials imported from India combined with highly innovative procedures implemented in Nepal guarantees its unparalleled strength, reliability, and durability.

PPC Cement: Bandhan PPC cement, one of the finest quality cement is manufactured by pulverizing clickers mixed with fly ash and gypsum. The perfect mix of Silica (HRS) in the clinkers ensures the highest compressive strength which increases over the years. It also prevents leakage due to small holes that are not visible to human eyes. In comparison to other cement, PPC cement is used for Mass Concreting, Ground Concreting, and construction in bad weather.

PSC Cement: Bandhan PSC cement manufactured by Nepal Ultratech Pvt. Ltd. pulverized to a minuscule size of 4500 centimeter square per gram ensures the highest strength after 28 days. It guarantees 25% more strength as compared to OPC and PPC cement. While PSC cement tends to look bluish and greenish before it set, the color changes to white after setting. This proves that Bandhan PSC cement is free from sulfate and chloride that makes the structure even stronger and crack-proof.

Why Bandhan Cement?

  1. Nepal’s biggest cement grinding unit with a fully automated system.
  2. DSC and TLC technology that allows one-point control of the entire factory.
  3. Block Loading Procedure enables one to purchase un-sacked cement which in turn reduces the cost of the project.
  4. Automatic hanging type truck loader.
  5. Automated Roto Packer used in the packaging procedure ensures protection from moisture or leakage.
  6. Usage of German technology such as Truck Lifter and StakerReclaimer, for the first time in cement-grinding in Nepal.

We have a team of highly motivated experts each of whom has one single ambition; the production of the finest quality cement within the boundaries of Nepal. Their vision and dedication to always bring the latest technology, efficient procedures and highest quality raw materials has given us an edge in the competitive market.

Our professional are divided into the following departments:

  1. Chemical engineers
  2. Procuring agents
  3. Research experts
  4. Quality inspectors

To maintain the team spirit and the motivation to give the very best, we regularly have job-oriented workshops and team-building exercises.